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My Story

Why Health Care? Why Now?

Everything changed when I decided to dedicate my life to God in 2021. I began to look for a purposeful endeavor beyond myself. I knew it would be a commission that dutifully served my neighbors, but did not know in what capacity.

At the time, my mother's vision deteriorated to a point where we needed to address it. It was painful to witness my mother’s difficulties and even harder to help her sustain a quality of life without the support of a healthy body. Faced with our humanity, I learned the hard lesson that our health is our most precious asset. No greater a teacher than a loved one in need of medical care. It led me to find something I want to dedicate my life to. 

I was inspired by this invaluable gift of care. It targets the very core of not what we want, but what we need. I see myself in the medical field facing and helping others face one of life’s most practical and difficult challenges. It is an endeavor to not only help people regain and maintain their well-being, but also to help them address what it means to be human. For myself, there is no other profession more meaningful, more merciful, and great.

Experiences that have prepared me
for a career in Health Care


NREMT Certified

Everyday I experience how to administer emergency patient care in any given setting or situation. Being in this field allows me to practice essential first aid, emergency operations and response. I assist and collaborate with public and private institutions whose duty is to public health and safety. Ultimately, as an EMT, I am working with my team to accomplish the goal of impacting lives and serving the community.


Volunteering at Kaiser Permanente,
Los Angeles

This is an invaluable experience in administering direct patient care in a clinical setting. Located in downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the city, the hospital's diverse residents teaches me how to approach and serve patients from all walks of life. It is a humbling exercise to incorporate empathy into the daily connections that I develop as a volunteer. As a member that's familiar with Kaiser Permanente's gold standard, I strive to provide a quality of care that not only parallels but also exceeds the caliber of that which I receive.

2016 - 2017

UCSB Resident Assistant

Ensured the safety and wellbeing of 67 university student residents. First responder to emergency situations. Used methods to deescalate stressful situations and facilitated a safe and inclusive environment for all residents. Served as an advisor and confidant for residents in emotional and psychological distress.

2013 - 2015


Learned how to be prepared for all types of situations. Adept at being resourceful with limited tools to carry out the best course of action for the individual and team. Taught the importance of teamwork and servant leadership.

My Story: Experience

Goals and Timeline


Spring 2022

UCLA EMT | Kaiser Volunteering

Summer 2022 -
Spring 2024

Career Changer
Post-Bacc Program

Fall 2024 - Spring 2030

Medical School
& Residency

2030 - 2037

Service as a Medical Officer in the Armed Forces

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