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My Story

Everything changed when I decided to finally dedicate my life to God in 2021. All in. I began to look for a commission that dutifully served my neighbors, but did not know in what capacity.

In 2019, my mother's vision deteriorated to a point where we needed to address it. It was painful to witness my mother’s difficulties and even harder to help sustain her quality of life. I had to confront how my secular perception of security was as immaterial and ephemeral as the things I built it upon (2Cor. 4:16-18). By God’s grace, He eventually restored my mother’s sight. And I believe that God not only used this trial to mold my faith but also to teach me an invaluable lesson in service to others. 

I finally understood with certainty that my lifelong commitment is to my cross and to Christ. It is my passion and the reason for His. With His strength and guidance, I believe I have the ability to succeed in my calling. My purpose is an endeavor to serve Christ and to serve others whom He made in His image. For myself, there is no other dedication more meaningful, more merciful, and great.

Current Service & Ministry

Youth Administrator
Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church

Southern Baptist Church

Arcadia, California

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sunday service


I preach on

God's word and

His message


I present the welcome message; introduce the speaker; share the post-sermon announcements.

Lead Worship

Sing lead vocals. 

sunday auxillary


Assist with the A/V systems for Sunday Service.

Breakfast Fellowship

Make and organize the breakfast for post-service fellowship.

Youth Sunday School

Teach Youth Sunday School

youth ministry

Youth Ministry

Serve as the Youth Minister

for our youth ministry. 

(disciple, serve, and counsel)

Youth Friday Nights (Youthalive)

Organize and lead the youth's Friday fellowship nights.

Youth Student Council

Lead, counsel, and oversee our

youth student leadership team.

Youth Outreach

Organize and execute community events

to reach out to the local youth

and share the Gospel.


english ministry

Young Adult Ministry 
Work in tandem with our English Pastor for cross ministry events, outreach, and support.

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My Story: Experience
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